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Fair Play: Music Tech Startups and Artists

It’s a complicated new music world for both tech entrepreneurs and artists, one fraught with anachronistic copyright, byzantine royalty structures, and perhaps most importantly, a cultural divide between the two businesses.
Listening to the pundits, the digital music era is either opening amazing new opportunities for artists or destroying whatever value was left for their recordings. Likewise, music tech startups are cast as either enabling artists like never before or taking advantage of them to build companies on the foundation of their music.
What do music tech startups need to be successful, respect musicians’ rights and work best with the artist community? How can artists find value and potential in tech startups by working better with entrepreneurs?
Join panelists Doug Freeman (Austin Chronicle), Daniel Senyard (Vivogig), Jean Cook (Musician/Future of Music Coalition) and Brian Zisk (SF MusicTech) as they delve into the good and the bad of music tech environment, discuss what startups and artists need to know and look for the best opportunities to fairly benefit both.