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Writer-producer-vocalist WALL appeared on the scene at the end of last summer with her debut single 'Magazine', which proved a triumph for both artist and newly formed BCS Records. Finding themselves championed on blogs worldwide, and on the airwaves and pages of the mainstream media, the band's first ever show sold out and they embarked on a nationwide tour supporting Saint Saviour. A whirlwind four months later and WALL return with a new EP, Shoestring, comprising five new tracks (due out April 1st in the UK April 2nd in the US on Big Picnic Records) that begin to show the real breadth of artistry behind WALL's songs and production. In keeping with prior form, the coming weeks hold another sold out show, this time at the prestigious Hoxton Hall, before setting off on a European tour with Local Natives and on to the US for a series of dates including shows at SXSW, LA and New York.

WALL songs have the unique quality of sounding both modern and timeless; melodies fed by a love of classic songwriters across the ages, combine with more contemporary landscapes, lo-fi production and samples, echoing moments of St Vincent and Beth Gibbons at their most intimate. Hushed vocals confide while instruments sweep in and out of focus. Listening to WALL is much like watching old cine film, it's blur and distortion giving the subject a melancholy beauty that draws you in.

'my favourite track of the year so far'
Steve Lamacq - BBC 6Music

'Cloaked in enigmatic wooziness, the female fronted trio trade in eerie, yet soul-stirring dreamscapes'

'Her innocence, the purity of her voice, the maturity of her song craft, it is all remarkable, but perhaps more than any other factor it was the hypnotic nature of her quirky pop songs'

'Magazine; one of the most bewitching singles we’ve heard all year. A captivating vocal tangibly crawls along a sea of slight, but wholly essential, organic electronica and says so much more by holding its cards close to its chest; never revealing the full picture of what lies behind the ambiguous lyrics'

'Producer/singer Wall does a nice line in dusty pop, the lead track on single release ‘Magazine’ reflecting in its production the lyrical theme of yearning for the spring and warmer, better times.'

'WALL produces sparse soundscapes dripping with ambience, utilising heavily layered production via analogue recording techniques to capture not only her unique vocal inflections but also the natural rhythm of the world around her.'

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