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Napszyklat - (Robert Piernikowski, Marek Karolczyk) - Band from Poznan, Poland. They create experimental music on the border of electronics, noise and acoustics. Napszyklat’s music has different sources like hip-hop, contemporary electronic music, musique concrete and noise, where the pulse hectic basses and rough texture face with the Piernikowski’s voice, who’s the author of the lyrics.
Recent album "Kultur Shock" (Qulturap 2011) illustrates the context for the functioning of the word "between" where the old dusty BMW with buzzing subwoofer somewhere in the village on the trail without asphalt full tanked at the gas station "Las Vegas" is heading somewhere to the east and bald guys with their pittbulls spending their time at the bus stop, listening to music from mobiles notoriously showing middle finger in the direction of oncoming German cars. Behind them the world's largest Jesus. Tumbling bass, humming and rustling electronics, analog synthesizers, vinyl lubricant, field recordings of places that no longer exist, the voices imploring reality. Napszyklat collaborated with MC Dalek (USA), Sibitt (JP), Bene (SK) and DVA (CZ)

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