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Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era


Joey Bada$$ is an 18-year old artist from Brooklyn, NY with a unique vision and perspective that seems to be going extinct in the modern musical landscape. A member of the burgeoning hip hop collective Pro Era, Joey and his fellow crew of teenage visionaries are leading one of the most compelling cultural movements to come out of NYC today. Tapped as 2013’s Artist To Watch by MTV, Billboard, Shazam, eMusic, and selected for BET’s 2013 Music Matters program, Joey Bada$$ has established himself in a very small club of new talent.

Blessed with the Gift of Gab for as long as he’s been able to speak, Joey was discovered by music mogul Jonny Shipes on the web at the age of 15 freestyling in a video that left him in awe at his mature talent and natural shine. The young MC inked an innovative deal with Cinematic Music Group/Creative Control in 2012 and hit the world by storm with the video for his song “Survival Tactics” off his first project 1999. Within weeks, the initial hype surrounding the video amongst his circle of high school friends and neighborhood spread throughout NYC and beyond to the four corners of the planet.

Joey Bada$$ introduced his first mixtape 1999 on June 12th, 2012 and was immediately heralded as one of the most exciting up and coming artists in music. Garnering more than a healthy dose of attention from the media and from established artists and luminaries, a growing audience of fans eagerly subscribed to a more meaningful brand of hip hop put forth by himself and Pro Era. 1999 went on to earn a BET Hip Hop Award nomination catapulting Joey to national attention.

Closing out 2012 in the swankest of fashion, Joey Bada$$ showcased his magnetic stage presence with a performance of “Waves” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon alongside the legendary Roots crew. The Pro’s headlined New York’s Hot 97’s “Who’s Next” concert at SOB’s and also released the mixtape PEEP The aPROcalypse, further solidifying their progressive movement. Joey Bada$$ embarks on The Beast Coast Tour with Pro Era this year, and will release his debut album later in the 2013 bringing him one step closer to his objective: World domination.