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Phil X & TheDrills


Listen to Kill My Troublemaker

PHIL X & THE DRILLS are a balls out/in your face rock rock trio with some of the catchiest songs you've ever heard in your life. With song titles like "Kiss My Trouble Maker", "I Wish My Beer Was As Cold As Your Heart" and "You're Not Happy 'Til I'm Not Happy", you can tell they blend a sense of humor with their intense musicianship and energy. The sound of THE DRILLS ranges from Foo Fighters laced Led Zeppelin to Elvis Costello meets AC/DC but the common denominator is guitar player/vocalist Phil X who boasts over 35 million YouTube views. Whether it's sessions for platinum artists, performances on the Tonight Show with Rob Zombie and Tommy Lee or filling in for Richie Sambora in Bon Jovi (2011), Phil X BRINGS THE ROCK'N'ROLL! New CD 'We Play Instruments N Sh!t' available on itunes, and