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Charli XCX


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Charli’s live performances, like her music, are raw but multi-layered, sometimes stark but with a beating human heart. All pop is here, from Siouxsie to Spiceworld, The Knife to Nirvana. To achieve her intricate, post-apocalyptic pop with its evocative titles like ‘Nuclear Seasons’, ‘End Of The World’ and ‘Stay Away’ Charli is almost a pop lightning rod, pulling influences out of the sky and channeling them into the synthetic beats, fizzy melodies and idiosyncratic perspectives that define her sound.
Charli describes her style as “Wednesday Addams meets Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice meets Baby Spice”. Her colour-soaked stylings are reminiscent of Pierre et Giles and David La Chapelle, just two of the names whose work she fell in love with at art school. “I love hyperrealism in every aspect of what I do and I make my lyrics as strong and as bold as possible".