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Chris Spivey & Nu Destiny


Chris Spivey and Nu Destiny is comprised of 15 singers and musicians from the Austin, TX area, who have come together to show people that unity does make a difference.

With a sound resembling some today’s gospel greats as Kirk Franklin, Ricky Dillard, James Hall & Kurt Carr, Nu Destiny brings a youthful sound with contemporary and traditional vibes that will minister to all ages.

Nu Destiny’s leader, Christopher Spivey is truly a “Jack of all trades”. He is an individual who knows enough from many gifts and skills to be able to bring them all together in a practical manner. He can do it all! He is a minister, singer, musician, songwriter and producer as well as a loving husband and father. He has been playing the drums since the age of three and the keys since a teenager.

His goal in the industry is to see more unity and fellowship efforts within artists and collectively impact the world through music and outreach.