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Jonny Fritz


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Jonny Fritz (formerly Corndawg) is a country singer, not a singer-songwriter. Born in Montana and raised in rural Virginia, Jonny dropped out of school in 2001 and toured solo for many years on his motorcycle, going on to play shows in every state in the US, along with Australia, Argentina, Canada, India and 11 European countries. However, you won’t find him on your local country radio station; Jonny’s music is more in the vein of that obscure 70s gay country that housewives would discover on a Bear Family reissue in 20 years. Now touring the USA in a retired UPS truck, Jonny Fritz and his Nashville-based band, The In-Laws, are winning over new fans night after night. In addition to pursuing the lost art of the Real Deal, Jonny is an airbrushing, leather-working, marathon-running, truck-driving American. Born and Bred.

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