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Sweatshop Union


Sweatshop Union are Pacific north-west hip-hop heavyweights, and have earned a reputation as the hardest working collective in the region. Having performed over five hundred shows internationally, they continue to change the perception of what live hip-hop can achieve.

The group’s most ambitious record to date was the 2011 award winning Bill Murray EP, (Western Canadian Music Awards’ Hip Hop Album of the Year) and brought a whole new level to their steadily growing underground following. Building on this they have now completed recording their seventh studio release; Infinite, hits stores May 7.

Combined with more festivals that ever before and a grueling schedule to start 2013 throughout North America, it’s obvious they are poised for another big year and further the progressive sound they’re known for.

Recently, URB Magazine featured them in their next top 100. They’re not alone in thinking that Sweatshop Union is a band worth keeping an eye on. Their consistently fresh and poignant music continues to become more relevant daily and the group shows no signs of slowing down.

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