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Spit Gemz


Born In Brooklyn's East New York Neighborhood and Raised In Queens, Spit Gemz had to learn from an early age how to hold his own. In his formative years, he was uprooted from his life in Brooklyn at the young and vulnerable age of 6 due to his fathers incarceration. In an extremely unstable environment at home, he was constantlly being uprooted between Queens and East New York until the age of 17. In 1996 Spit Gemz was dragged to a new home, this time it wasnt Brooklyn or Queens, it was Juvenile Jail. Throughout his timultuous time being confined, he picked up his would be lifelong passion, writing rhymes. After a 2 year stint in Juve, he took 1 thing with him, h is rhymebook. Being from a Broken home and living the life of an urban youth, he started to dabble in hustling off the books like many young adults from the street. He was blessed in 2001 with the love of his life, his Daughter, but in the same year he got locked up again and caught a 5-10yr sentence. After a 6 year stint in prison, he came home to a family to feed, but no solid job prospects. He resorted to the one thing he knew well for some quick easy money to carry his family........Hustling. Unfortunately just 2 years later, he found himself yet again in trouble wth the law, this time he was hit with a slashing charge, he beat the case but was violated for parole infractions and spent the better part of the year 2009 up north. After his release in 2010, he decided to dedicate his life to music and hasnt looked back.

Spit Gemz Founded Broken Home Film & Media in 2010 & worked the entire year honing his craft and sharpening his talents. In 2011 he made quite a splash in the underground rap world releasing numerous songs & a collaborative mixtape "Rules Of Engagement" with a group he co-founded named "The Opposition". With a growing buzz and core fanbase, he released his long awaited solo mixtape "Welcome To Hellzgate" in early 2012. In the second half of 2012 Gemz was brought out by Action Bronson at the Converse Rubber Tracks show & performed August 21st, 2012. He has since performed at Public Assembly in Brooklyn on October 25th with Meyhem Lauren, Lakutis & Big Baby Gandhi (CLICK TEXT FOR IMPOSE MAGAZINE SPREAD). His latest show was at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn on December 20th with Sean Price, Meyhem Lauren, Statik Selektah & Dyme A Duzin (CLICK TEXT FOR IMPOSE MAGAZINE SPREAD). Gemz is forging bonds with some influential veterans & has the respect of his peers.
After releasing his FVCK THE RADIO (Album) on February 25th, Spit Gemz has received tremendous acclaim from around the industry. He is now working on his next release with producer Stu Bangas and is primed for a big 2013 and beyond.