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In an industry where hip-hop acts have become dispensable, Marcus Moody, aka PAYPA, is determined to secure his place among the greats. PAYPA grew up as a child of military career parents, claiming home in the Southside of Chicago where he was raised.
As far as music goes, PAYPA will tell you that he “just kind of fell into the music game.” When his younger brother passed away from kidney failure, PAYPA was compelled to continue his brother’s legacy. “My brother was the performer, and I was always the quiet and laidback one,” he recalls. Since then, PAYPA vowed to make his mark in the music industry so his brother could live on through his music.
Now 25, with a strong support system, two formidable mixtapes under his belt, and an inked deal with SRC (Akon, Wu Tang Clan), PAYPA is ready to share his story with the world.
PAYPA’s Fall 2009 mixtape release, 24 Hours from Greatness (DJ Ill Will & DJ Rampage), was the precursor to 2010’s summer mixtape Tunnel Vision (DJ Drama & DJ Khaled), featuring several notable collaborations including “I Am Bitches” (Ft. Game and Jim Jones) and “Paypa Cuts” featuring Rick Ross and DJ Khaled. With over 50,000 people driving to the mixtape’s online hub within the first month of release, anticipation and buzz is now higher than ever for PAYPA and his upcoming debut album, Feel Good Music.
Slated for mid-2011, Feel Good Music, will showcase an evolu- tion of PAYPA’s character, determination, and his ongoing journey through life. “That’s gonna be the project to look out for,” he says. “It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster. You’re gonna laugh, cry, get mad, wanna fight, wanna party, and even wanna go to church.”
With music video views exceeding 7.5 million views on World Star HipHop, featured interviews on Aol Music, and resounding support from the industry’s leading hip hop publications, Hip Hop DX & All Hip Hop, it’s truly a testament to his music, charisma and promise as a hip hop artist.
PAYPA has acquired support from a strong stable of writers and producers including: Rick Ross, Game, Jim Jones, Hayes, Menace
& X.O.(Black Wall Street), Wow Jones (Ne-Yo), Baby Boy ( Lloyd), J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Pooh Bear (Danity Kane, Dr Dre), Marty McFly, Embryo & Trackaddicts.
Formally, signed under indie label
Behind Da Scenes Entertainment, PAYPA now calls SRC home. With colossal moves being made and more on the way, PAYPA is ready to conquer the rap-game and share the stage with the likes of Kanye, Andre 3000,
Ice Cube, Jay-Z, and Nas.