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Samo Sound Boy


Making sizable impacts in the production world with releases on Palms Out Sound, Trouble & Bass, and known for his cli- matic, full-throttle DJ sets, Sam Griesemer aka Samo Sound Boy has built an esteemed reputation for himself over the years- -matching incomparable style with a connoisseuring ear for the fresh. In 2011, he combined these two qualities in the creation of BODY HIGH, his very own record label in collaboration with LOL Boys affiliate Jerome Potter. Today, BODY HIGH stands amongst America’s most-forward thinking dance labels, shovel- ing out critically acclaimed releases and giving music that doesn’t have an umbrella to latch onto a welcoming home. And although he sort of fell into the world of dance music, discovering DJ cul- ture while soul searching in Buenos Aries, Argentina after high school, Samo Sound Boy has contributed more for the scene than he could’ve ever imagined, implementing integrity back into the genre and bringing club music back to the club.