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The Carper Family


Listen to My Baby Don't Like Me

Born in 2010, The Carper Family has brought together three of Austin's most talented young country and bluegrass singers and pickers... Melissa Carper [vocals, bass], Beth Chrisman [vocals, fiddle], and Jenn Miori [vocals, guitar] each of whom grew up singing and playing music with their families. By the time they created their new "family band", each member had already led her own band and played with some of Austin's finest musicians. But this particular collaboration has blended stunning three part harmonies into the finest old country, old-time, bluegrass, and swing tunes. Their boiled-down and intimate presentation highlights the quality of their united and solo voices, as well as drawing out each player's abilities with her accompanying instrument. In addition to bringing audiences their beautiful renditions of standards, the group also writes original songs that both honor and challenge the solid country traditions at the heart of their heart-felt sound. Already cheered on stages and street corners from Anchorage to New Orleans, the Carper Family looks forward to sharing their singing and playing for fans of good country music everywhere.