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Listen to Arms of Heaven

FIELDED explores the many moods that can be created through experimentation with voice as leader rather than follower of the amplified instrument. She moves from dark to light and back to dark - a church chorus, cacophonous chants, a post-apocalyptic pop paradise, but always of the throat; fluid and deranged. Our truth seeks myth, our fire seeks breath, a moment seeks translation. Without hesitation, we chase FIELDED to the dawn of our actual body. She exists in a whirlwind where language is bound by nothing. More than a performance, her live show is a ceremony that unearths a chorus of the undefined and inexplicable. What lives inside of us, what we keep in hope that we will one day be able to define it - this is what FIELDED hunts, borrows, exorcises and releases.

FIELDED has just finished Ninety-Thirty-Thirty, her full-length follow-up to 2010’s Terrageist. She is also a member of Skyblazer (Infinity Cat Records; members of JEFF the Brotherhood, Whirlwind Heat) and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.