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Defining Times


We are the kind of band that has one simple goal in mind and that is to release honest music. Our sound intertwines melody with atmosphere, movement, and poetry. At the core of everything it's the song that is the most important part, and that concept is kept in mind every time we write music together. Being only 2 years old we still consider ourselves a baby band, but the drive and influences that all of us bring to the table has pushed us to release 3 EPs in less than two years, perform at SXSW '12, Norman Music Fest '11 & '12, Free Tulsa '12, and now both SXSW '13 and NMF '13 again this year. Our latest release, "Separate Tongues", was released in November of last year and has made several top ten lists from media outlets all over Oklahoma. Our major influences range from artists like Jeff Buckley and Gemma Hayes to bands like Elbow, Wintersleep, and Radiohead. We hope that you can enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed creating it.