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Having spent over a decade in the music industry performing with Alternative/Indie band, Mae, lead singer Dave Elkins has embarked on an entirely new artistic endeavor. Under the name Schematic, Elkins has already released a 5 song EP entitled “Fluorescent” and is set to release a full-length follow up album entitled “Color (n.) Inside the Lines” by the beginning of SXSW. Whilst retaining some of the sounds that Mae fans fell in love with, Dave has managed to develop an entirely new, undeniably unique sound. From the tasteful use of Chromatic guitar licks to the incorporation of pop-friendly odd time signature grooves, he has developed a style well-suited for a variety of listeners.

As if recording his own music has not been keeping Elkins busy enough, add to that equation his start-up of a new recording studio and record label in the heart of Nashville, his management of several new bands, and his plans to start an online artistic community (The Schematic Community) within the next year, and it becomes obvious that he is working harder than ever. And it's paying off.