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Conjunto Los Pinkys


Conjunto Los Pinkys are a Texas-style dance band that plays down-home conjunto music. Dubbed by many as the Buena Vista Social Club of Austin's conjunto music scene, Conjunto Los Pinkys, like the music they create, are a multi-generational, cosmic hybrid of American, European, Mexican, Texan and Tejano musical cultures. The music includes a variety of traditional influences from the Texas-German brass melodies, Czech polka, Polish mazurka and oberek, Spanish pasodobles and poetic verses, plus the flavors of Northern Mexico norteno music, Colombian cumbia and popular American music. With a heavy mix of danceable, polka-beat rancheras, the older musical forms, like classic redovas, valses, shotis (shottische) are also played along side romantic boleros, tropical cumbias and whirling, 6/8 time huapangos.

Rooted in the cantina sound of a bygone era when conjuntos performed nightly in Austin's bars on East 6th Street, it features the core instrumentation of button accordion and the baritone 10 string-guitar (bajo quinto). The group has been performing for the past two decades at festivals, jamaicas (church bazaars), weddings, anniversaries and in clubs, bars and cantinas around the State of Texas, California, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Alabama. The band has two releases on Rounder Records. Conjunto Los Pinkys feature some of the best of the veterans from Austin's music scene who have been performing in the community since the late 1940's.