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The Whiskey Sisters


Listen to ALL I CAN DO

Teal Collins (The Mother Truckers) and Barbara Nesbitt (Tim Flannery & The Lunatic Fringe) met at a mutual friend’s gig in Austin and decided to get together to sing a song or two. By the time they reached the first chorus they knew there was magic in the room. They wrote songs, added members to make it a 6-piece band, and by SXSW of 2012 they had attained an official showcase at the renound Continental Club, had landed a prominent booking agent, and had garnered an ever-growing group of loyal fans.

The band was offered a coveted residency at the famed Continental Club in Austin, and they have been rocking it ever since.

The Whiskey Sisters sound mixes melodic vocal harmonies, classic Rock and Roll guitar riffs, and a sing-a-long sense of celebration in each song!

Joined by Austin veteran musicians, Etan Sekons on Guitar (The Rankin Twins), Lonnie Trevino, Jr. on Bass (The SAMoonlighters), Phil Bass on Drums (Monte Montgomery), and Michael Davids on Keyboards (Cari Hutson), they are going to take Texas and the world by storm!

Their self-titled debut album THE WHISKEY SISTERS will be released February 19th 2013, Spring/Summer tours to follow!