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Ásgeir Trausti


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Icelandic singer-songwriter, Asgeir Trausti, may only be 20 years old but last summer he already made his mark on the Icelandic music scene with his two singles, Sumargestur and the smash-hit Leyndarmal. Both singles belong to his debut album Dyrd i daudathogn, released in September. A digital presale on, a week before the release of the album, broke all records and showed clearly that Asgeir Trausti had already created a name for himself.

Born and raised in the countryside of Iceland, Asgeir Trausti comes from a family of musicians. He trained on classical guitar but was aiming for a career in sports when he suddenly made a U-turn after being encouraged to take his music more seriously. He took his demos to producer Gudmundur Kristinn Jonsson and several months later his debut album was released in Iceland with great critical acclaim. It only took it six weeks to reach gold sales and less then three months
after its release the album had reached platinum sales. An English version of the album is in the making with lyrics written by American musician John Grant.

In November 2012 the album received 6 nominations for the Icelandic Music Awards taking place in February 2013; Best Album, Best Song (Leyndarmál), Best Male Vocalist, Best Songwriter, Best Producer and Best Lyricist. And in December 2012 the album received the Icelandic Kraumur Awards as well as a nomination for the Nordic Music Prize also taking place in February 2013.

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