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The self proclaimed ‘Realest Outta Alabama’, KD has established himself as one of the rising stars of rap’s new underground. Born and raised on the Westside of Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city, KD’s deep Southern roots have helped to cultivate and continue the Southern rap sound pioneered by artists such as 8Ball & MJG, UGK, Scarface, Master P, Three Six Mafia, Goodie MoB, & Dirty. KD describes his sound as “hardcore, yet conscious street lyrics over hard and soulful beats; never let that pimpin and that gangsta die”. KD has built a respectable nationwide underground following as a result of releasing 10 original mixtapes and albums independently, since 2007: 2007’s ‘Last Man Standing’ w/DJ Burn One, 2008’s ‘The Playa Prezident’ w/DJ Burn One, 2009’s ‘Untouchable’ & ‘Soul Inn’, 2010’s ‘Best Of KD’, 2011’s ‘G-Fluid’ & ‘Trill Azz Essentials’ w/DJ Breakemoff, 2012’s ‘R.O.A.’ & ‘Crown Me’ w/DJ Burn One & DJ 5150. The quality of these projects arguably compete with some of the most highly acclaimed hip-hop releases of the past years. KD’s gritty, uninhibited, reality based content is effortlessly mixed with smooth, cool, game laced lyrics over top notch production. KD is one of the most underrated rap artists right now, but with the consistent quality of the music being released won’t be underrated and overlooked for long.

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