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Alba Lua


Listen to When I'm Roaming Free

Alba Lua (from Paris and Bordeaux, in France), explain their name as ʻa Spanish-Portuguese association that means the "moon of the dawn"- it describes that moment when something appears in some place where it shouldn't, and what first seems out of the blue shows in fact a real beauty.ʼ

Comprising of four members now, the then trio released an EP, ‘Ballad of Joseph Merrick’ in 2010 on English label Satellite of Love.
Recorded in Barcelona, just two days after the band saw Neil Young, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Deerhunter, and Michael Nyman play at the infamous Primavera festival, the recordings captured the bands live dynamic. Their sound was then described as ‘Syd Barrett sound tracking a spaghetti western, i.e. eccentric, reverb-heavy, dreamy pop music.’ (Vice Magazine)

After several contractual and personal issues that stopped them from playing live for a while, now they have a fresh debut album ready to be released, of which "When I'm Roaming Free" is just an advance. The song received great reviews on such influential media as Pitchfork and Stereogum, adding up to the expectation for these songs full with reverb, echoes, heavenly melodies and Vox guitars that make for the best dream-pop and psych-pop album you have yet to hear this year.