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K.O. Boyz


Some compare them to OutKast, others may see a bit of UGK and some say they are resurrecting the sounds of Bone Thugs N Harmony! No matter how you hear it; Dallas/Fort Worth's Twins Kendrick and Cameron is on the rise.....

Kendrick and Cameron Greenidge started creating and pushing out lyrics when they were only 9 years old. The twins are the youngest of 4 siblings who were surrounded by family hardships of a Mother battling drugs and an unstable home environment. As energetic youth, they played sports and gravitated to the music that shielded them in their household from the drama. By time the twins started high school, they were “affectionately” known as, The K.O. Boyz! From that point on; their musical style and popularity spread throughout Dallas/Fort Worth; positioning them to share the stage with National Artist; such as, Rick Ross, Pimp C and Paul Wall. With all the buzz and momentum picking up; their Father took a dedicated effort to invest in his talented sons’ unique talent. The KO Boyz took off with support from their family & friends to write, produce and professionally package & distribute their 1st CD, “Bringing Down The House. while in their sophomore year of high school. With the success and popularity of their 1st project; their fans’ requested more. Addressing the demand for their music, the KO Boyz started the, "Bringing Down The House" series; producing Bringing Down The House vol. 2, Vol. 3 & Vol. 4! After High School, The KO Boyz packed up their passion and headed off to Steven F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. The twins continued to receive invitations for mix tapes, drops and collaborations throughout Dallas/Fort Worth! In their Junior year of college, the twinz made a collective decision to put school aside and aggressively pursue their music full-time! Geared up and focused on their music career, the K.O. Boyz went to work aggressively writing and putting out their next project, titled "Fulltime Grind" followed by "Polo & LaCoste" which features "Im Rare." When asked who is their "HERO;" they both concurrently responded, my Father!" They credit their father with being a positive strong force in their lives who continues to teach them valuable life lessons everyday. The K.O. Boyz are raising the bar, with a new project due to be released this year titled, "Trendsetters Only." They continue to grind and push out new music for their fans in full force.