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La Migra


In Austin, TX, it's sometimes difficult to recall any individual who isn’t or hasn’t been in a band. But how is one to navigate this sea of dudes with long hair and alcoholic tendencies in order to find the truly talented individuals who undoubtedly exist, no matter how elusive? Enter La Migra, the self-described “garage surf” band founded by Andy Anderson and Phillip Whaley, two longtime friends and roommates.

The band projects an infectious energy and stage presence that could get the blood of even the most jaded sound guys and washed up concertgoers pumping. Anderson is pure charisma, and Whaley dominates lead guitar. Newest members, Casey Beans and Curtis O'Mara (Harlem) have sealed their fate as an Austin band to follow.

Claiming influences like King Khan, The Ventures, and Jay Reatard, these guys are following in some rather large footsteps. However, performances with names like Crocodiles, The Growlers, and Christian Bland (Black Angels) have earned them some recognition. And I can’t wait to attend more shows and see where these guys go.