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Archie Pelago


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Archie Pelago is a production and live performance trio based in Brooklyn, NY. Formed in late 2010, the trio of Hirshi (trumpet/DJ),
Cosmo D (cello/Ableton) and Kroba (sax/Ableton) combine their varied backgrounds in jazz and classical music with a common love for rhythm and the wide-open possibilities of electronic music.

In the studio, the three produce collectively and prominently feature
their instruments, lending deeply emotive patterns and textures to their tracks. On the stage, the group innovatively combines DJ-style
performance with live playing and processing of their instruments,
conjuring singular renditions of their original works as well as music
that inspires them.

With their first 12” on the Mister Saturday Night label receiving rave
reviews from FACT and Resident Advisor, and heavyweight
collaborations with Grenier and Distal in the works, the Archie-P
sound should not be missed, live or on record.