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The 4onthefloor


Listen to Workin' Man Zombie

They pull no punches. They won’t bore you with trying to explain how multi-genre and indefinable they are. The 4onthefloor play rock music. The 4onthefloor play blues music. And they do it in 4/4 time.

4×4, The 4onthefloor’s debut album, showcases the band’s heavy-handed (or should we say heavy-footed) rhythm section that, when paired with lead singer Gabriel Douglas’ gritty, baritone vocals, makes the listener both nostalgic and ready to drink… or maybe even fight. Through gutsy Delta–Blues and classic Americana, The 4onthefloor put their signature stomp on these classic genres with not one but four bass drums pulsing to the beat of all 16 tracks.

Inspired by The Doors, Muddy Waters, CCR, Howlin’ Wolf, Tommy James & the Shondells and Waylon Jennings to name a few, all four members operate on the same hard-hitting, bourbon-infused wavelength while keeping perfect time.

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