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Lucy Rose


“Gentle, folky, confidential tone, undershot by a coolness of intelligence and self possession” 4/5 The Daily Telegraph
(Pop CD of the Week)
“A bewitching one-off talent” Daily Star
“Dark-hearted pop songs that strive for the epic” Q Magazine
“A resounding affirmation of a consummate talent” 4/5 Daily Mirror
“A beautiful voice” The Sun
“Miss Rose’s unassuming charm ticks off everything on the How To Make Your Fans Adore You checklist” 7/10 NME
“Each song is a confessional of her most tightly clasped secrets” The Fly
“One of the country’s most promising new voices” “Utterly beautiful” Sunday Times (Culture)
“It was only a matter of time before the second wave of British nu-folk pioneers made it to the U.S, and Lucy Rose is sure to be among its first breakout stars”

With her star firmly in the ascendant, Warwickshire songstress Lucy Rose is making her own destiny and shaping her future like no other new artist. A mixture of true grit, sheer dedication and an unshakeable sense of self has all led Lucy to the kind of status that most new artists dream of but can only achieve through record company support. Until her recent signing to Columbia Records, Lucy Rose had none of this, but her heart-stoppingly poignant songs and cracked porcelain voice saw her enter 2012 with YouTube hits, radio plays and crowds like nobody else out there. Such is her fan-base, she now sells out 500-capacity venues with ease, and at the tender age of 23, Lucy is being tipped by the great and the good as the one New British Artist who may stick around longer than any of the other fly-by-night contenders.

Lucy’s journey began, when she hopped on a train to London leaving behind the house in which she grew up in rural Warwickshire and struck out for the big city and the big time. Armed with an acoustic guitar and an unstoppable dedication, Lucy played every open-mic night imaginable, she met people on the way who are still with her now and with their support and her graft she learned the ropes. As her songs and sentiments spread their warmth through the iciest of hearts, Lucy became that most modern of phenomenon; she went ‘viral’. Her biggest videos have clocked up over 1,000,000 views and on average, her sessions and videos are receiving 250,000 views each.

It’s not just the online world and press who’ve been raving about Lucy either - she’s been clocking up the airplay with playlists across radio for her last four singles - current release ‘Middle Of The Bed’ is, as we speak, on BBC Radio 1’s B-list.

In moving forward, Lucy decided to return home to record her debut album. Setting up in the basement where she once taught herself guitar, Lucy, the producer Charlie Hugall, recording team and band folded down their beds and mic’d up the mixing desk. Released on 24th September 2012, the album went into the charts at number 13 to much critical acclaim, while a nationwide headline tour saw a string of dates sell out. In November, Lucy Rose’s largest show to date at the Electric Brixton sold out completely, with the Daily Star saying she “scaled the heights of excitement”. Expected to be touring for much of 2013, the only way is up for Lucy Rose.