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Marianne Dissard :: Budo


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Marianne Dissard's signature fierce and melancholy French Chanson, tinged by Tucson's latin brass, gets re-interpreted live by Seattle pop/hip-hop producer Budo (Rhymesayers, Grieves & Budo). The chanteuse's third album, "The Cat. Not Me" (2013) is composed by Sergio Mendoza (Y La Orkesta) who joins the ranks of Dissard's previous composers Joey Burns from Calexico (L'Entredeux 2008) and Italian piano maestro Christian Ravaglioli (L'Abandon 2010).

Marianne and Budo will premiere their live set at SXSW 2013 on Wednesday March 13th (midnight) at Brass House (115 San Jacinto).

Audio :

Contact : tel+33 6 45 99 00 36
Labels : Tucson Music Factory (US), Vacilando 68 (UK).
PR : ModMedia Carl Hanni
Booking : Hotellounge (ICA)

Marianne Dissard is a French-born, Tucson-based lyricist and singer. As a singer, filmmaker, lyricist and producer, she has collaborated with Calexico's Joey Burns, Naïm Amor, Howe Gelb and Giant Sand, chanteuses Françoiz Breut and Fredda, producer BK-One, choreographer Ami Garmon and many more.

Budo is Josh Karp, a Seattle-born and -based multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording artist, producer, and touring musician. In addition to his work with Grieves, Budo has begun developing a dynamic catalog of production and solo-composition credits, including work with the Cunninlynguists, Mr. Lif, Brother Ali, Slug (of Atmosphere), Macklemore, and many more.

SXSW showcase info :

Venue : Brass House - 115 San Jacinto (one block south of Convention Center)
Date : Wednesday, March 13th
Time : midnight

Presented by Hotellounge (International Concert Agency) & Tucson Music Factory
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