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Listen to La Hora de la Verdad

Band name: ESCAPE
Nationality: Cuban
Date of birth: 2000
Place of birth: Havana, Cuba
Genre: Metal | Hardcore | Industrial
Lyrics: #rebellious #revolutionary #social

Escape play punishing metal/hardcore/industrial music which sounds bleak, brutal and ugly with a simmering anger that threatens to boil over into the speakers.

ESCAPE comes from Habana, Cuba. Not exactly the folk or touristic one but from the boiling Cuban underground metal scene. Since the last 12 years, ESCAPE spread his corrosive and dynamic hardcore/metal music over the most important stages & festivals all around the island.

Most Recent Awards:
. Best Metal Album - International Music Fair Cubadisco 2012 (LP "La Hora de la Verdad")
. Best Metal Band - Cuerda Viva 2012 Cuban TV Awards

. La Hora de la Verdad (2012 - Brutal Beatdown Records)

. The beginning of the End (2008)
. Breaking the Silence (2003)
. Death and Dreams (2002)
. Escape to Nowhere (2001)
. Face your Fear (2000)