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Music Curation in 2013

#sxsw #Curation2013

As was predicted from the earliest days of the internet, curation is becoming a bigger factor in the music marketplace both on and off line. Explore the process in which specific associations and gatekeeper on the landscape impact the artists that rise above the endless fray. Who is curating today? What are the implications of an increasingly curated marketplace?


MODERATOR Mark Kates Founder Fenway Recordings

Ryan Schreiber Pitchfork Media

Johanna Rees Sr Programming Mgr Hollywood Bowl/Walt Disney Concert Hall

Steve Blatter SVP/GM Music Programming Sirius XM Radio

Daniel Seligman Creative Dir POP Montreal/Club Roll

Daniel Seligman has been active in the Montreal music scene since 2000. He has managed Stars,The Unicorns and Socalled. In 2002 Seligman started Pop Montreal and remains the festival's creative director. In 10 years the fest has worked with such acts as Bun B, Patti Smith, Arcade Fire and Malajube. Most recently, Seligman co-founded Club Roll Music and is set to release albums by AroarA, Jef Barbara, Karneef and Filthy Haanz in 2013