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I'm Just Dead, I'm Not Gone: Life and Times of Jim Dickinson

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Jim Dickinson, recording artist, producer, raconteur, Memphian and Mississipian, conservator of Southern music and World Boogie, gets the retrospective treatment from those who knew and worked with him in his many guises. A South by Southwest regular from the very first year, Dickinson appeared as Elvis, performed with his sons, and generously pontificated about everything from the Dixie Flyers' residency in Miami as Jerry Wexler's house band, and his tours and recordings with Ry Cooder and Bob Dylan to his production of acts including Big Star, the Replacements, Mojo Nixon, and the True Believers.



MODERATOR Joe Nick Patoski Mgr

Joe Nick Patoski has been writing about Texas and Texans since 1973. The author of books on Stevie Ray Vaughan, Selena, and Willie Nelson, He is also manager of the Austin-based band, The True Believers

Luther Dickinson North Mississippi Allstars

Jody Stephens Ardent Music LLC

Jim Lancaster Playground Recording Studio

Jim Lancaster

Musician, producer, studio owner and musical archeologist

Currently Jim owns and operates Playground Recording Studio in Valparaiso, Florida. In addition to recording, Southern Americana Music his parent company administrates three publishing companies, issues some select product both new and archival and is currently in the process of archiving all of the analog masters recorded at Playground to compile a complete anthology.

Jim has collaborated with Jim Dickinson since the early 70's and played bass with Mudboy and The Neutrons. Recording collaborations include filmscores, experimental projects, and wrestlers. Most notable are "Beale Street Saturday Night" (various artists), "Like Flies on Sherbert" (Alex Chilton), "Toots In Memphis" (Toots Hibbard), "Pleased To Meet Me" (The Replacements)..

Produced several records for Johnny Vincent of Ace Records USA as well as repackaged and archived previous Ace catalog

In 2011 Jim completed the film score for "Very Extremely Dangerous" a music documentary by filmmakers Paul Duane and Robert Gordon. The score is a chronological hybrid of recording integrating analog recordings from the 70's with current digital.

Currently in collaboration with the Dickinson Estate to edit, re-mix and package a 70's film score produced by Jim and Jim Dickinson

Mary Lindsay Dickinson Owner/Mgr Zebra Ranch

Mary Lindsay Dickinson is a student of literature, a teacher of life, and a native Memphian. The widow of legendary producer/ musician Jim Dickinson, she had a front row seat at the creation of the Memphis sound and has been inventing herself along the way ever since, mastering karate (fifth-degree black belt), reviving the career of whip fetishist Lash LaRue, and serving as project manager for Cybil Shepherd's web site and the North Mississippi Allstars' site, which earned "Best of the Net" accolades from the British Broadcasting Corporation in 2001. She is the home school teacher and mother of Luther and Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars. Before his death in 2009, Jim charged Mary Lindsay with keeping his legacy alive. In 2012, Jim Dickinson was posthumously inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame and had three new records released, one of which hit #1 on Sirius Radio. Join Mary Lindsay, Luther and Cody Dickinson at the panel discussion called "I'm Just Dead, I'm Not Gone: The Life and Times of Jim Dickinson."

Mojo Nixon

Cody Dickinson North Mississippi Allstars