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International Band Workshop: Get The Chops to Self Release Your Album Part 1

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In the current climate of the music industry, international acts are finding it increasingly difficult to get signed by a label. Join us on a two day workshop where industry experts will give 30 minute lectures on the various phases of the self release process, giving you the tools to successfully self release your album. Part 1 will include Carlos Alvarez: Publishing, Humberto Carmona: Digital Distribution, Emmanuel Nunz: New Music Economy, Effective Strategies, & Moj Mahdara & Michael Gitig: Social Media.


MODERATOR Marissa Lopez Dir- Latin Writer/Publisher Rel BMI

Humberto Carmona Founding Partner & Dir of Intl Arts & Crafts Mexico

Emmanuel Zunz CEO ONErpm

Claudia Alarcon CuisineXplorers

Michael Gitig VP of Business Dev Gobbler

Moj Mahdara CEO Made with Elastic

Carlos Alvarez Publishing/Licensing Azteca Music Group