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Economics, Consumer Psychology, and Music

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When one takes a close look at the fields of economics and consumer psychology, it becomes clear that nerdy social scientists have plenty to say that is relevant to the music industry. It's entirely possible for musicians and music industry professionals to make the structure of the industry and the features of consumer psychology work for them rather than against them, but in order to do so they need to learn a little bit about how both economists and consumers think.



MODERATOR Jodi Beggs Economist/Writer Economists Do It With Models

Jodi is a lecturer in the economics department and the music department at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Her focus is on bringing economic knowledge (especially behavioral economics) to the music industry, and she is developing a required economics and consumer behavior course for the music industry program at Northeastern. In addition, Jodi conducts music industry research projects in both a laboratory and a field setting, and she is working on two books about the economics of the music industry (stories and anecdotes welcome!). In her nonexistent free time, Jodi blogs and creates videos for her web site, "Economists Do It With Models," as well as for