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Where Music Is Headed: The Future of Headphones

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Over the last forty years, headphones have transformed from clunky portable music accessories to a ubiquitous form of branding. Now that tech companies are racing to make the entire entertainment universe fit inside your front pocket, the headphone has emerged as a conspicuous symbol of status, fashion and tech-savviness. Hear all about the future of the headphone market and whether it’s now saturated, or if there’s still room to jump in.


MODERATOR John Verrochi Creative Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre

Creative working in advertising, music and tech.

Richard Ngo-Tran Managing Dir/Initiate Inc AIAIAI

After having spent most of his career on the corporate track in mid/senior marketing roles with companies such as CBS Radio, NBC TV, Harman International, and Avid, Richard opted for the hustle of his own idea generation shop. Creative marketing agency Initiate was born specializing in all things music-related with clients that include Ableton, Converse, Disney, Microsoft, Puma, Red Bull, etc. Initiate was awarded Inc Magazine's Top 500 Private US Companies.

Keir Dillon Co-founder Frends

Ed Cotton Dir of Strategy & Innovation BSSP