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Insight From One Million Consumer Interviews

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How do consumers receive and experience music? The EMI Million Interview Dataset is the richest and largest music appreciation dataset ever released publicly; a massive, unique, rich, high-quality dataset that contains interests, attitudes, behaviors, familiarity, and appreciation of music as expressed by music fans around the world. This data is used to show how streaming impacts positively on purchase behavior. This, and other insights about consumer quirks will be discussed in detail, with the data and presentations made available to attendees after the session.


MODERATOR Chris Carey Global Insight Dir EMI Music

Renato Granieri Global Consumer Insight Team EMI Music

Mark Mulligan Industry Analyst MusicIndustryBlog

Mark Mulligan is a media and technology analyst, and a leading authority on the digital music market. Mark has been analysing the digital content markets for well over a decade, right from the days when paid content was little more than a concept.

As an independent analyst and consultant Mark works with companies right across digital content technology value chains, from global leaders to early stage innovators, from media companies through to telcos, right up to the c-suite. Mark spent 11 years as an analyst and Research Director at Jupiter Research and then at Forrester Research. Prior to that Mark was a small time recording artist and helped run an indie label, an experience which helps ground his strategic content business expertise in the firm foundations of ‘music first’.