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Money Matters: Preparing for Life Beyond Music

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There are countless cautionary tales of those who don’t last long enough to achieve success and those who do achieve it, but aren’t careful with the money that they earn. There are also equally important success stories of those who use the money they earn to support what they’re already doing or parlay it towards other projects. Find out how to earn a living doing what you love, and maintain your life beyond it from folks at various stages in their music careers.


MODERATOR Josiah Albertsen Financial Advisor, Accredited Asset Mgmt Specialist Raymond James

Josiah Albertsen, AAMS® is a Financial Advisor and Accredited Asset Management Specialist with Raymond James in Denver. Josiah became a financial advisor after falling in love with economics in college. He previously interned with indie labels, toured, helped his friends’ bands, managed a venue (small but it had a cool disco ball), and he was surrounded by those who did similar things. Now, instead of selling merch and booking shows, he helps people understand and plan with their money. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Colorado Denver with a major in International Studies and minors in both Chinese Studies and Economics. He prefers decent people, good music and good shows.

Brian Joseph FOH/Production

I am a transplant from Colorado, who lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. An all around "sound person", you could say. I currently engineer, mix, and master records at April Base, the private studio where Justin and I engineered and mixed Bon Iver, Bon Iver. I have acted as FOH/Production Manager for Bon Iver's touring cycles since July of 2008. I have either mixed front of house or monitors for:

The Fray
Blonde Redhead
Andrew Bird
Local Natives
Sufjan Stevens
and more...

I have worked on records with:

Bon Iver
The Fray
Sean Carey
Kathleen Edwards
Volcano Choir
and more...

I'm pretty jazzed about life in general, and look forward to the awkward dance of public speech that I know so well.

Bart Dahl Mgr Red Light Management

Bart Dahl is a artist-manager for Red Light Management and is based in Denver Colorado. Growing up Bart played in punk bands and learned the DIY ethics of that community, ethics he still adheres to today... He's worked with a variety of artists from multi-platinum acts such as CAKE to unsigned / developing artists.