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Casual Music Fans: Behind the Trend and Proud

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Over the last few years we've talked incessantly about how musicians can build sustainable careers by catering to diehard superfans. While this may work for cult fans, is the over-emphasis on superfans causing musicians to miss out on a larger, albeit more passive, fan following? In tech spaces, we understand that different strategies are needed when talking to mainstream customers versus to early adopters/tech evangelists. The same idea applies to musician fanbases as well, but we know very little about what it means to be a "casual music fan." Hear original research that constructs a profile of the casual music fan and what this means for musicians and their teams.



Fredara Hadley Founder JOOKsi

I'm a lifelong musician and music lover. I'm building Jooksi to help better connect busy people with great live music in their area.