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Asia's Seeping Influence Into Western Music

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Asian music companies were the fastest to adapt to the changes in the music business brought about by digital technologies. Broadband speeds are faster and services are more affordable than in most countries and this has had an impact on how music is marketed and consumed.Asian governments are looking at popular music as a soft power tool to extend their countries' political and economic influence. They are committing millions of dollars to develop their popular music industries with a goal of commercial success in North America. Explore the opportunities and challenges in the music scene from this dynamic region.


Bernie Cho Pres DFSB Kollective

Bernie Cho is the President of DFSB Kollective, a Seoul-based creative agency that specializes in providing digital media, marketing, and distribution solutions to 350+ Korean Pop music artists. As more K-Pop acts aspire to go independent and international, DFSB collaborates with artists and their management to devise customized strategies that directly connect them to their local and global fans. Since 2009, the agency has successfully produced numerous K-Pop concerts in North America and Asia as well as secured #1 iTunes chart debuts for various K-Pop albums in US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia. In addition to actively promoting Korean music worldwide, DFSB also aggressively protects Korean music worldwide. Since 2010, their ‘Operation Top 40’ campaign successfully shutdown over 40 of the biggest K-Pop piracy sites in the world and resulted in over $1 million USD in statutory damages and settlements. Prior to founding DFSB Kollective, Bernie served as the Head of MTV Korea’s Digital Media Production and worked for over a decade in the Korean music TV industry as a Creative Planner, Program Producer, and Video Jockey. He has earned a BA from Dartmouth College in Government/Asian Studies and has graduated from the UCLA Anderson School of Management (Executive Entertainment & Media Program) and the Vancouver Film School (Foundation Film Program).

Carl Choi CEO Catch Adventures

Carl Choi is an American entrepreneur, producer, and talent manager. Graduating from the University of Southern California, Marshall School Of Business, he has held senior positions with Andersen Business Consulting and Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. He is the Founder and former CEO of Plan C Group, Inc. and currently operates the independent record label Catch Adventures. The record label has developed and launched the careers of artists including Far East Movement and more recently MC Jin, Jaeson Ma, Van Ness Wu, Joseph Vincent and Toestah.

Isaac Bess Music Business Development YouTube

Isaac Bess started in the music business in 1994 at New York's Matador Records. After stints in Tokyo as a music journalist, and ten years in San Francisco at independent labels (Quannum Projects) and independent distributors (IODA), Isaac joined YouTube's Business Development team in 2011.


Rob Campanell Co-Founder Blastro Networks

Working professionally in music video for the past 20 years, primarily on digital platforms.

My personal goal is to help build a path for artists from Asia to have sustained career success in the North American market. I believe that a few hundred people working around a shared vision can make something happen in a big way. I am interested in meeting and networking with industry professionals and artists who share a similar vision.