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Digital Music Experience: Lean Back or Forward

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The string of new Internet radio services appearing over the past few months is no accident. Companies are recognizing that people shouldn’t have to work to enjoy their music. On-demand music services and new entrants are trying to recreate radio -- a medium that reaches 93% of Americans each week -- and build a bridge between your music library and your radio consumption. These companies are doing a great job of improving the CD player but thus far they have failed to capture what is most special about radio: the connections it builds between people. So how do people want to consume and discover new music and audio content in the digital age? Find out the factors that drive listener choice: variety, ease of access, "personality" and more.


MODERATOR John Donham CEO TuneIn

Funkmaster Flex

Ezra Kucharz Pres CBS Local

Talib Kweli CEO Javotti Media

Eric Davich Chief Content Officer & Co-Founder Songza Media Inc

In 2010, Eric and his co-founders launched Songza, a ‘music concierge' that improves your life by streaming the perfect playlist for whatever you’re doing (from waking up to sleeping, from working out to getting through the work day).

Eric earned a BA, in Music with Honors from Bowdoin College in 2006 and was the recipient of the Sue Winchell Burnett Music Prize. Prior to Songza, Eric and his partners ran the dynamically-priced download store, which was acquired by Amazon in 2010. In 2012, Eric and his co-founders were included in Forbes's "30 Under 30" for their innovations in digital music.

Recent Songza Accolades: Apple “App Store Best of 2012”, “Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2012”, USA Today "Best Apps of 2012," PC Mag 2012 “Editors’ Choice”, Google Play “Editors’ Choice”, Apple App Store “Editors’ Choice”.