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Using Emerging Technologies to Reach Your Audience

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In an increasingly fragmented landscape, how do you navigate through all of the new technology and keep your message from getting lost in a sea of communication? This discussion focuses on ways to utilize emerging technologies and devices to not only reach your target, but to also engage and excite them, focusing on practices in digital and social media through an integrated multi-device approach.


Glenn Stansbury VP of Sales Hipcricket

Maani Safa Global Innovation Dir Somo Global

Maani is a creative technologist - since the start of his career he has been exploring the interplay of people, code, design and digital art through building products. In 2010 he was the man chosen to found and lead the product division of Somo, what is now the worlds largest independent mobile advertising agency and the fastest growing mobile company in Europe.

His early career saw him heading the Telegraph Media Group’s mobile division, where he was responsible for launching the mobile version of The Telegraph, the hugely successful iPhone application, The Telegraph Kindle edition, and the first ever news app for the Android Market. Maani launched the fastest growing World Cup iPhone app ever and introduced commercial partnerships with key brands such as Jaguar, Dell and Audi.

Maani has conceptualised many of Somo’s most successful creative projects. These include the award-winning Audi Le Mans app, which showcased the first use of augmented reality in an automotive app in the UK, and fundamentally changed the way people understand sports events’ advertising, the multi award winning Dominos Pizza app suite, making the business more than £1million revenue a week, and Condé Nast’s Glamour Fast Beauty app, named in The Times App 500.

Most recently Maani founded the Somo global laboratory as the new Global innovation director. Here, Maani and his team are dedicated to using next generation mobile products to guide and deliver solutions for clients wishing to use mobile to increase sales, enhance levels of user engagement and create better efficiency within their brands.

Nicholas Oliver Global Creative Technical Director Team Detroit

Nicholas Oliver is the Global Creative Technical Director at Team Detroit. At the age of 15, Nicholas started his first successful digital advertising agency. In 2008, he created the world’s first iPhone development class. His career also includes a stint as a recording engineer at the Sydney Opera House, with his experiences in music, digital media and strategy helping to create a unique perspective on advertising. In his current position, he works as a part of Global Team Ford across the business to develop media, creative, digital, data and analytics, and strategy. His strong grasp of digital, social and emerging technology has made Nicholas a frequent expert for the BBC, The Guardian and other publications.

Nicholas is a native of the UK, but has had stops in Australia and Europe before moving to Detroit.

Thomas Fellger CEO Iconmobile