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Sketchnote Meet Up

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Join Nora Herting and Kelly Kingman of ImageThink, the driving force behind OgilvyNotes in SXs past, for an informal mixer of visual thinkers and sketchnoters. Grab a free sketchbook, geek out over your favorite pens and swap tips for creating awesome sketchnotes.

We'll also be talking about SXnotes, this year's initiative to celebrate and grow sketchnoting at SXSW. Find out more about how to share your sketchnotes at or join the Flickr group at


Kelly Kingman Mktg Dir & Graphic Recorder ImageThink

Nora Herting Principal ImageThink

Nora Herting is a founding partner of ImageThink, New York City's only graphic recording firm. Working with high-level teams, she translates complex ideas into clear, powerful images that unlock innovation and creativity. Nora helps ImageThink's Fortune 500 clients solve big-picture problems and visualizes the best ideas of thought leaders in business and technology.