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Mentor Session: Alberto Gonzalez

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Alberto Gonzalez Exec Creative Dir Pulsar Advertising

Alberto Gonzalez, President and Executive Creative Director of Pulsar Advertising, has over 25 years experience branding major products, services and projects. His primary focus at Pulsar has been on marketing public sector agencies, specifically those relating to transportation, healthcare and environmental systems and programs – many of which have achieved national awards and recognition.

His many branding successes include Arlington County, Virginia’s “Car-Free Diet” campaign, a branding effort designed to convince residents and visitors of the metropolitan Washington, DC area to choose biking, walking and public transit instead of driving alone. He designed the branding programs behind Santa Monica, California’s “Big Blue Bus,” Washington, DC’s “DC Circulator,” Southern California’s “Metrolink” commuter rail system, and Virginia’s “Amtrak Virginia” regional rail service. He has developed branding and marketing programs for a wide variety of some of the nation’s most respected transportation agencies, including BART (San Francisco), MARTA (Atlanta), Metro (Washington, DC and Los Angeles), MBTA (Boston), Dulles International and Reagan National Airports (Washington, DC) and many others. He has also been responsible for developing the entire branding and communications program for the massive, $5.4 billion “Virginia Megaprojects” – North America’s largest transportation infrastructure project, including highways, rail, public transportation and transportation demand management.

Mr. Gonzalez has been accredited with successfully branding large healthcare providers - including San Francisco Health Plan and LA CARE; and for his social marketing contributions for developing key environmental recycling campaigns for California’s Storm Drain, Used Oil and Household Waste recycling programs.

Mr. Gonzalez brings a unique set of credentials to the clients he now serves, having spent years working on national branding accounts for Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America, Disney World, Miller Brewing Co., Greyhound and General Motors. The discipline he developed working with high visibility for-profit clients makes him uniquely qualified to help his clients do a “World of Good” today.