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Mentor Session: Amanda Cevallos

I have some valuable info on how emerging technology has helped me launch my career. What is it that an artist needs to get off the ground, and how do they do that and write songs, perform, book, manage and keep it all together? Well one thing is automation. I'll share with you all how I automate as much of my work as possible. This is key. Time savers vs. Time Suckers. What I spend quality time and how technology helps me automate what I dont have time for! Please visit this URL to sign up -


Amanda Cevallos Booking & Mgmt Cevallos Entertainment

I was born in Dallas and raised in Houston. Moved to Austin after living up north in WY and MT for 10 years during college. I work as a booking agent for a wedding music business by day, and play music in a honky tonk band at night. In the middle of the night I write country songs. In my spare time, I book my band, manage interns for my entertainment business, country dance, practice, and network. I am big on making a personal connection because I LOVE people, BUT I LOVE technology, too because it helps me have a life. I'm interested in what you do to be as personal as possible, but still get work done.. that's all i can think about sometimes... I can't wait to meet everyone! If we don't run into each other on the streets, I have a show at Guero's on South Congress, Sunday, March 17th at noon. Come hear some real country music while your in Texas!