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Why Comedians Don't Give A F*ck If You're Offended

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Many comedians and fans alike consider the comedy stage a sacred
place, where the dark, offensive, sacrilegious and even stupid can and
should remain uncensored. But what does free speech mean in the age of
iPhones, Facebook and YouTube accounts? Moreover, is apologizing for your material, however dark or upsetting, the antithesis of being a comedian? Is it the comedian's job to go too far?

These are some of the ideas we've been exploring in HuffPost Comedy's
series, "Crossing the Line," and here we'll have a conversation with several comedians who are fairly familiar with the elusive "line" about why they have no problem walking right past it in their act.


Eddie Pepitone The Bitter Buddha

Janine Brito FX

Joe Garden Co-Creator Thing X

W Kamau Bell Host Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell