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The Art of Science Meet Up

#sxsw #artofscience


We are fortunate to live in a time where there is a delicious wealth of scientific information available to us online. People now "like" scientists on Facebook, along with the expected rock stars and actors. Unfortunately, the latest discoveries are oftentimes peppered with lingo, with their potential for inspiration buried in convoluted language and data. Can we help our partners in nerdiness tell their stories? Designers, editors, musicians, writers, producers, coders, illustrators... we can work with scientists. Let's tell their stories in a way that inspires the public with the wonder, potential, and truth of scientific discovery. This meetup is presented by the Empiricist League. If the intersection between science and art really inspires and invigorates you, be sure to contribute to CUT/PASTE/GROW, a bioart mosaic at the SXSW Create tent.


Daniel Grushkin Vice President Genspace

Karen Ingram Artist

Wythe Marschall Curating Producer Observatory