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Mentor Session: Leah McDougald

A new addition to SXSW Interactive in 2012, Mentor Sessions enable less-established new media professionals to gain seven minutes of direct one-on-one career-related council from a more established / more experienced new media professional. Please visit this URL to sign up -


Leah McDougald Dir, Design Strategy Design Central

As Director of the Design Research department, I lead the team that is responsible for championing a human-centered design process that both inspires and influences the design of future products and experiences. We deliver actionable insights to inform product strategy, marketing, and design decisions with a focus on experiential research and product innovation. My experience is based in gathering and translating findings to improve human and brand interaction on both emotional and functional levels.

Passions include public speaking and providing user insight to inform great design / brand messaging, or to fuel innovation.

I'm 100% extrovert and empathy and I absolutely love learning from people through conversation.