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E-Book Meet Up

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Now more than ever the power of independent publishing through e-books is advancing! Austin author/musician Jesse Sublett and digital/publishing advisor Nettie Reynolds host this networking session with eBook authors, publishers, distributors and publicists for an hour of brainstorming, idea-building, eBook insight, and career-enhancement.

Use this meet up to empower and take your own publishing ventures to the next level, whether you're just starting out or an experienced professional looking for new contacts.

Share knowledge and tips on challenges as well as powerful advantages of publishing to different platforms, such as Kindle, iBooks, Smashwords and Enhanced iBooks. Discuss the relative merits of eBook publicists, aggregators, cover designers and other services. Learn how to raise your profile and increase sales of your eBooks through targeted blogging, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and eBook reviewing platforms.


Jesse Sublett Writer / Publisher

A true Austin original, Jesse Sublett has been an influential musician and writer since he formed The Skunks in 1978. He's a published author (print and Epub) of crime fiction and nonfiction, and also a political blogger and ghost writer. GRAVE DIGGER BLUES, his most recent novella for Kindle and the iPad, features wild, surrealistic crime narrative and 100+ evocative, sexy photos and other graphics from leading Austin art photographers. The iPad edition also has an hour+ of audio, with an original blues sound track and selected audio chapters produced by Jesse with Fort Worth blues musician Johnny Reno. Jesse is also a frequent contributor to the progressive news site Always looking for new methods of storytelling, especially if we can use technology to combine visual art, music and narrative in bold new ways, expanding the horizons of what we used to call books, poems, whatever. More information of all kinds can be found at

Nettie Reynolds Publishing Advisor Greyden Press