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#SXsingle Meet Up

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#SXsingle, it's not just a hashtag, it's a lifestyle.

Over the years, the term "what happens at South By, stays at South By" has become part of the vernacular for veteran attendees. In some instances, this means exactly as it sounds. However, many matches have been made at SXSW, including marriages, babies, long term relationships, and of course numerous hook ups.

Come join other #SXsingle(s) or those who once were and want to relive their glory days at SXSW! We'll imbibe complimentary adult beverages (for those 21 and up!), trade stories, share in activities, laughs and maybe even some digits!


Charlie Nox Dating Coach

Featured as one of the Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2012, Charlie has been dishing out dating advice since middle school. From hand drawn diagrams of female anatomy, to kissing lessons behind the big tree after school, she has always been committed to giving the nice guys a chance.

Charlie has spoken with university and high school students around the country about dating and sexuality. She has hosted elite dating events and told dirty stories at erotic showcases from Austin, TX to San Francisco, CA. This coming March, she will be leading a presentation at South by Southwest Interactive titled Stop Staring at My Tumor, My Boobs Are Down Here.

In addition to maintaining a busy speaking schedule, she also leads workshops, coaches clients one on one, and blogs regularly at She teaches all kinds of people, and believes that the things that make us truly attractive are universal.

Her upcoming book on how to date with cancer will be published in 2013.

Kathryn Irwin Interactive Festival Programmer SXSW STAFF

I wear my heart on my feed. My daughter is more awesome than you & me. California girl trapped in a Texas world. All SXSW Interactive, all the time.