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Mentor Session: Kathi Kaiser

A new addition to SXSW Interactive in 2012, Mentor Sessions enable less-established new media professionals to gain seven minutes of direct one-on-one career-related council from a more established / more experienced new media professional. Please visit this URL to sign up -


Kathi Kaiser Partner Centralis

Kathi Kaiser is co-founder and partner at Centralis, a leading Chicago-based user experience consultancy. For more than ten years, Kathi has led the Centralis team in creating great user experiences for global clients including Sony, HP and Warner Bros. Kathi's experience in human-computer interaction spans fifteen years and includes engagements at notable user experience firms HannaHodge and Doblin Group. She is an authority on user-centered design who serves as an adjunct faculty member at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design. Kathi holds a Master's degree in Social Science from the University of Chicago and a BA in Psychology from Georgetown University.