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Mentor Session: Alexandra Samuel

A new addition to SXSW Interactive in 2012, Mentor Sessions enable less-established new media professionals to gain seven minutes of direct one-on-one career-related council from a more established / more experienced new media professional. Please visit this URL to sign up -


Alexandra Samuel Blogger, Harvard Business Review & VP Social Media, Vision Critical Vision Critical

I am the Vice President of Social Media for Vision Critical, a research technology provider that works with more than 600 organizations worldwide, including a third of the top 100 brands. I am the author of Work Smarter with Evernote (, the first in my Work Smarter with Social Media series, published by Harvard Business Review Press. The Lavin Agency represents me for speaking engagements ( I blog about social media for for Harvard Business Review and on my own site at

I'm covering SXSW for my Harvard Business Review blog so please let me know if you...
- can share your experience working with social media in the enterprise, including any gaps in the social media toolkit
- have reflections on Google+ and/or Klout
- have LinkedIn tips/hacks to share

You can reach me as @awsamuel on Twitter or email as alex[at]alexandrasamuel[dot]com