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Crash & Boon: Iceland, Women & Business Success

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Four and a half years after the infamous banking crisis, Iceland's women entrepreneurs are thriving and creating new, globally facing companies. Many credit the crash for helping the Icelandic business community develop confidence in their own ideas and the strength to take a risk on themselves. In this session we'll learn what's unique about Icelandic women entrepreneurs and how their experiences can be applied to other communities of women business owners around the world. The session will focus on 4 areas of business where Icelandic women entrepreneurs are finding success: Mobile, eCommerce, Marketing and Education.


Helga Waage Co-Founder /CTO Mobilitus LLC

Co-founder and CTO of Mobilitus.

Mobilitus is a mobile software solution development house. We development mobile solutionssuch as websites and e-commerce solutions to the live entertainment industry. Our biggest
partners are Ticketmaster and Live Nation; we develop and operate their mobile websites in multiple countries, such as the US, Canada, Northern Europe and Australia.

I am a Software entrepreneur with extensive experience in project management, software architectural design and software development. In addition to my experience in the field of AI and mobile development, I have participated in the evaluation and grant committees for Eurostars, the EU (7th framework), the technical fund at Rannis (the Icelandic Research Council) and others.
I have participated in various commitees for the Icelandic government on research and IT policies.
I am one of the founders of the Icelandic chapter of Girl Geek Dinners.
I am especially interested in Innovation and the social impact of technology.

Ingibjorg Greta Gisladottir Founder /CEO Reykjavik Runway ltd

Reykjavik Runway is about creating business opportunities for Icelandic fashion designers.
The Icelandic fashion scene is young but very creative and has a unique voice in the global market.
Reykjavik Runway’s goal is to make Icelandic fashion more visible through fashion competitions, trunk shows, showrooms and Pop-up events.

Ingibjörg Gréta has a MsC degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Bifröst University in Iceland. She is the former managing director of the House of Ideas, a joint project between Reykjavik University and Iceland Academy of the Arts, where design and business where brought together to provide support to emerging entrepreneurs. .
She is a board member of the Association of Business Women in Iceland, is active in the start-up scene and a firm believer that design can change the world.

Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir Senior Experience Designer Mad*Pow

Magga Dora is an experience designer with a background in psychology and computer science. She is a believer in that you can make a better world, one user experience at a time.

She has been creating software since the turn of the century and has a track record of inspiring development team members in working for the user.

Rakel Sölvadóttir Founder / CEO Skema

Founder and CEO of Skema, an award-winning computer education program for children, based in Iceland. I've developed teaching methods and curriculum that enable children as young as 6 years old to learn the basics of computer programming through computer game creation. I believe that teaching methods can be adapted to enable both children with and without learning disabilities to effectively learn computer skills. Additionally, I'm spearheading an ongoing study to analyze the impact of computer programming on cognitive development and well-being of 9 – 10 year old children.

Prior to Skema, l worked as a senior programmer for the Icelandic Social Insurance Administration, as a software developer for Mentis where I oversaw database development. I also served as a team leader at Teris, for second level support in software development. While working at Teris I studied psychology that encouraged me to combine technology and psychology to build up education in line with technological advancements.

I'm an active member of Iceland’s startup scene and sit on the board of The Federation of Icelandic Startup Companies.